Hamas Used Chemical Weapon To Suffocate Israeli Soldiers

​(RepublicanReport.org) – An investigation into a recent attack on an Israeli surveillance base uncovered evidence that Hamas used an unknown chemical weapon to suffocate several soldiers. The substance created a toxic gas that made breathing difficult and caused many of the people exposed to fall unconscious within minutes.

The Times of Israel reports that the enemy forces threw a flaming substance into the Nahal Oz base building through the front entry. A soldier tried to put out the fire, but the compound was apparently highly flammable, and all efforts to stop it from spreading failed. Toxic gasses from the smoke spread into the surveillance command control center, where 22 people had attempted to take refuge. They tried to keep the smoke from entering the room by stuffing water-soaked paper towels under the door, but the room filled with poisonous fumes anyway.

Some of the soldiers fled the room and made their way to the emergency exit, only to find that it was on fire and impossible to open. A small group of them continued on to the bathroom, where one person managed to break out a window. He, along with six others, were the only people to get to safety. The attack left 15 surveillance officers dead, and Hamas reportedly took six other survivors as hostages.

The assault on the Nahal Oz base was among the first that occurred on October 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked over 20 Israeli communities. The Islamic invaders brutally murdered at least 1,200 people and took another 240 hostage, triggering deadly counter-assaults that have killed a reported 19,000 Gaza residents so far.

Anadolu Ajansi claims Hamas and Israel have both brought chemical weapons to the table. Israel has reportedly been using white phosphorus bombs — which are illegal to use in civilian areas — in its strikes against Gaza, and there has been talk of flooding the miles upon miles of underground passages with nerve gas. Chemical weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction because their effects are difficult to contain, and their use is against international law.

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