Haley Vows To Stay in Race After New Hampshire Loss

(RepublicanReport.org) – GOP primary hopeful Nikki Haley was counting on a win in New Hampshire to springboard her candidacy against former President Donald Trump. Her chances of picking up further momentum are minimal now that she has officially lost that state, but the longshot contender has vowed to stay in the race despite the continued uphill battle.

Haley spoke in Concord, New Hampshire, following The Associated Press’ announcement of Trump’s win, which she called “chatter.” She claimed news sites were “falling all over themselves” declaring the primaries officially over. The last-standing GOP contender rejected the notion. She reminded viewers that New Hampshire might have been the first state where she went head to head against her former boss — but it would also be far from the last.

The margin between the two candidates was notably slim. At 96% of all ballots counted, Trump had 54.4% of the state’s right-wing vote, leaving Haley with 43.3%.

Haley insisted that she was still in the running, with the majority of the country still waiting to cast their votes. She noted with excitement that the next place to decide would be South Carolina, where she previously served as governor. The former state leader also pointed to earlier moments in her campaign, when she only had 2% of the estimated Republican vote, and added that she was “scrappy” enough to keep her poll numbers rising, although she admitted that she still had a tough road ahead. She stated that she didn’t take anyone’s politics personally, sharing she voted for Trump during his last two runs and had been a proud member of his cabinet. Despite her admiration for the MAGA leader, Haley believes he is paving the way for a second Biden presidency — which she says would inevitably see Harris leading the country.

The Hill reports that Trump responded to the win by doubling down on his assertion that Haley should drop out. He said she was making him waste money campaigning against her, when they both should be focusing their efforts on beating President Joe Biden.

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