Haley Says She’ll Be Able To Work With Trump After Tough Campaign

(RepublicanReport.org) – After losing across the board on Super Tuesday, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) dropped out of the presidential primary. At the time, she conceded that former President Donald Trump would be the GOP nominee and wished him well in his race. However, she stopped short of endorsing him — until now.

On May 22, Haley said she would be voting for Trump over Biden in the fall, despite the harsh words the former president used against her throughout the primaries. Trump regularly called her “birdbrain,” mocked the absence of her husband, and spread birther claims about the former governor.

Still, Haley said she now believes Trump is better suited for the White House, stating that America needs a leader who supports “capitalism and freedom.” The former GOP primary candidate said she hoped Trump would reach out to her voters and not assume they would jump into his camp as well, echoing her own words when she dropped out of the race.

Days after hearing the news, Trump said that Haley might have a place on his team “because [they] have a lot of the same ideas.” He now believes she’s a “capable person,” despite his words during the primary.

Trump admitted the two had a “nasty campaign.” On May 27, Haley spoke again about her choice to back the former president for re-election. Speaking from Israel, she said it was “all about policy.” Haley said she aligned more with Trump on policy over Biden. In fact, she said it wasn’t “even close.”

While the former governor admitted that she and Trump “sparred” during the campaign cycle, Haley confirmed she didn’t take the former president’s words personally. Haley said she’s always had the ability to “take the emotion and the personal part out of politics.”

The former primary contender has still been pulling big numbers despite her formal absence from the race — as much as 25% in Pennsylvania alone. It’s unclear if her new declaration will do anything to sway her voters.

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