Haley Doesn’t Agree With How Trump Deals With National Security

(RepublicanReport.org) – GOP presidential primary contender Nikki Haley doesn’t appear willing to go down without a fight, and she’s targeting her former boss in the process. She stated that former President Donald Trump had been “right” for America back when he was in the Oval Office, but doesn’t agree with how he’s addressed numerous issues, including national security.

Haley made the comments when she spoke with ABC News’ “This Week.” She told interviewer Jonathan Karl that despite the “good working relationship” she and the former president had shared, she wasn’t approving of all his approaches. She started her rant by slamming Trump for leaving the country with $8 trillion in debt.

National security was another major talking point for the presidential hopeful. Haley blamed Trump for countless fentanyl deaths, claiming he did a lot of work to regulate trade with China, and yet he didn’t do anything to slow down the influx of the deadly narcotic. She also condemned him for praising and celebrating “thugs,” specifically pointing to Chinese leaders and Hezbollah — the Islamic terrorists currently ravaging much of the Middle East.

Trump isn’t the only primary candidate Haley has targeted in her campaigning. POLITICO reports that she also recently slammed 81-year-old President Joe Biden over his age, insisting the current commander-in-chief is simply “too old” to make another White House run. She made the bold statement in a new political ad released on Monday, December 18. The 51-year-old previously expressed support for testing the mental competency of all politicians who were 76 or older — a figure that might also serve as a slap in the face to 77-year-old Trump.

As of December 18, FiveThirtyEight calculated Trump to have roughly 63.1% of Republicans’ support. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis follows at a decent length behind him with 12.3% of the estimated vote. Haley trailed behind both with a total of 10.7%.

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