Gov. Youngkin Declares Virginia Is In Support With Texas

( – On January 22, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 4 ruling that the federal government could remove the razor wire Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) placed at the southern border. That should have been the final word on the matter, considering SCOTUS is the highest court in the land. However, Abbott is refusing to comply with the ruling and has several governors across the United States backing his actions.

On January 24, Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) posted on social media that “Virginia stands with Texas.” The state leader claimed that Abbott was doing what President Joe Biden (D) refused to do. Although passing border security legislation is up to Congress, Youngkin said the Biden Administration “turned every state into a border state,” referencing the alleged flow of fentanyl coming across the southern border. He shared the Texas governor’s letter written after SCOTUS made its majority ruling. A total of 25 GOP governors across the nation, including Youngkin, communicated their support for Abbott’s defiance.

Abbott’s letter claimed Biden hasn’t been enforcing immigration laws already on the books, and went so far as to say the president “has even violated them.” The governor claimed that Biden told “his agencies to ignore federal statutes” to detain illegal immigrants and has encouraged migrants to avoid legal points of entry. Abbott referenced two articles in the US Constitution to round out his points, stating that the documents supersede even SCOTUS, and that is the only authority he would follow.

According to Newsweek, the group of Republican governors supporting Abbott said they are behind him because they believe “Texas has every legal justification to protect” its sovereignty and that of the United States.

According to CNN’s Supreme Court analyst Stephen Vladeck — a law professor in Texas — Abbott isn’t exactly defying the SCOTUS ruling; he’s just making it harder for the federal government to remove the razor wire. It’s unclear what Biden’s next move will be.

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