GOP Presidential Candidates Give Their Stance On Israel

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( – The third GOP presidential primary debate brought five of the six remaining hopefuls to Miami on November 8. They verbally duked it out over several key topics, with one of the most significant revolving around the US’ response to the war between Israel and Hamas. Here’s a breakdown of how each candidate approached the controversial issue.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stated that he’s all for Israel continuing its aggressive counterattack, calling Hamas “butchers” and “terrorists.” He said the Muslim extremist group would kill every Jew on Earth if it had the opportunity, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can’t continue to endure such a terrible threat next door. The Sunshine State’s governor disagrees with anyone who believes Israel was in any way responsible for provoking Hamas’ attack.

DeSantis also slammed the Biden Administration for leaving so many of his state’s residents stranded in Israel amid the conflict. He added that he pulled together the resources to retrieve over 700 people from the war-torn region — and he was there to personally greet those who arrived on the first plane home.

Nikki Haley

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who also previously served as a US ambassador to the United Nations, said she talked to Netanyahu right after Hamas’ assault, and she had two words for the Israeli leader: “Finish them.” She said she spoke from experience, drawing upon the work she did on a daily basis when she was an ambassador.

Haley said it was essential to eradicate Hamas, but leaders also needed to keep in mind the role Iran has played in empowering radicalized Islamic groups, like Hamas and Hezbollah, throughout the Middle East. She noted China and Russia have helped to funnel money into the enemy, thus also helping to fund the war in Israel by buying Iranian fuel and weapons.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy made a subtle jab at the Biden Administration by stating he would tell Netanyahu “to smoke those terrorists on his southern border.” Meanwhile, he insists he would be doing the same for the United States at its most vulnerable border.

Ramaswamy also felt that we should tread carefully when it comes to joining in on any wars, warning that “corrupt politicians” have profited off the backs of US soldiers in the past, costing needless tax dollars and American lives. He alleged that the only reason the United States is sending Ukraine relief is because of a previous $5 million foreign payoff to Hunter Biden.

Tim Scott

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said Netanyahu had every “right to wipe Hamas off of the map.” He also feels that the passive approach Biden and other Democrats have taken has weakened us and opened the doors to the current wars. He blames Biden for sending billions of dollars to Iran in an attempt to foster diplomacy, only to fund terrorists and enable Hamas to wreak the devastation that it has.

Scott insists this type of support has been a problem since the Obama administration, which gave Iran millions. For that reason, according to the South Carolina lawmaker, the 44th and 46th US presidents both have “blood dripping” from their hands.

Chris Christie

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that if he were US president, he would ensure Israel had whatever resources it needed to preserve its state. He noted that Hamas’ goal was to end Israel for good, and any unrest in the region would lead to greater conflicts throughout the Middle East.

Christie felt Netanyahu needed to do whatever it took to make sure Hamas never had the chance to attack again. He added that the US needed to work with other leaders to isolate Iran and improve intelligence in key places like Gaza, so they can stay ahead of the threat.

Former President Donald Trump, who was not present at the debate, recently insisted he had fought harder for Israel than any other president before him.

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