Google Employees Arrested While Occupying CEO’s Office With Anti-Israel Demands

( – Protestors have been voicing their opinions ever since Hamas attacked Israel, starting a war that has cost tens of thousands of lives in the Middle East. Some believe Israel is taking the fight too far, while others believe the country needs to continue until Hamas is eliminated. Recently, a few Google employees were arrested for their actions surrounding the subject.

On April 16, The Daily Wire video journalist Kassy Akiva reported that the employees were arrested after staying in their boss’ office for over eight hours. The protestors were demanding that Google cut ties with Israel and broadcast their protest online. Ultimately, a man approached them to tell them they were “placed on admin leave” and gave them a chance to leave Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s office before bringing in the police. They refused, California police walked in, and the employees were arrested.

The protestors previously shared a list of demands for the protest, including that the company drop its $1.2 billion Project Nimbus contract with Israel, stop all business with the country, halt the “harassment, intimidation, bullying, and silencing” of Muslim and Palestinian employees, and help employees who are struggling with Google using their work to “enable a genocide.” The group, named No Tech for Apartheid, also organized similar protests in New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco. In a letter to Kurian, the protestors accused the company of “enabl[ing] Israel’s apartheid state in Palestine” by providing the Israeli government and military with AI and cloud computing capabilities. The group said it felt “ignored and lied to,” requiring “significant action” to be heard.

The charges against the protestors were not immediately clear, and Google did not release a statement about the incident. However, a previous statement from a Google spokesperson about Project Nimbus stated the contract “is not directed at highly sensitive or classified military workloads relevant to weapons or intelligence services.”

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