Furries Spark School Walk Out, School Pushes Back

(RepublicanReport.org) – Psychology Today explains that furries are fans of animal characters that have human characteristics like walking upright and talking. It says they are no different than Trekkies — fans of “Star Trek” or those with a love for the Harry Potter franchise. At times, they’ll dress up in full animal costumes, like mascots do, while other times, the dress is more subtle or no dress at all — just fandom. Recently, a group of students protested the practice.

On April 18, about 70 middle school students in Utah walked out of Mt. Nebo Middle School in the middle of the day to stand against those they say are disruptive furries in their school. The protestors — including some adults — reportedly had permission from their parents to do so and were carrying signs that read, “I Will Not Comply” and “Compelled Speech is Not Free Speech.”

The kids interviewed complained that other students at the school were dressing up in full costumes as furries and scratching, biting, pouncing, and hitting students. They said the principal was doing nothing about it because her child was also a furry.

However, the school pushed back, stating what the kids were saying was simply untrue. Nebo School District spokesperson Seth Sorenson said no students were wearing full-body animal costumes to class. He said some kids come to school with headbands with “ears on them,” just like others show up with “giant bows” or dressed as their favorite ball player — perfectly normal childhood behavior.

Sorenson said parents may have misinterpreted a message sent home by the school regarding tolerance and how students should treat others. The note was sent after an altercation at the school, during which a group of kids started throwing food at another group and calling them names because they were dressed differently.

Sorenson suggested parents talk to the school in the future to clear up any communications before working with their kids to stage a protest based on a misunderstanding and complete falsehoods.

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