Former Senior Advisor To Obama Wants Biden To Drop Out

( – President Joe Biden remains the Democrats’ choice for the 2024 White House elections, but the party has grown increasingly divided over the decision. David Axelrod, who served as a senior advisor during Barack Obama’s presidency, says it’s time for Biden to drop out. He wants to see someone else step in as the race against former President Donald Trump gets serious.

Axelrod blew up X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, early morning on Sunday, November 5, offering his thoughts on the current situation across numerous posts. He began by sharing some of the latest poll results from The New York Times, which put Trump ahead of Biden in several key states. He noted that the time was “very late to change horses,” but implied that the former commander-in-chief’s lead was too concerning to ignore any longer. Axelrod went on to state that Biden’s age was the most pressing issue, one that could cripple the party as it moved toward the general elections.

Axelrod praised Biden’s accomplishments but added that Dems couldn’t afford to push the wrong candidate when a “dangerous, unhinged demagogue” might seize the nomination. He added that the stakes were too high. The former advisor said the decision needs to be Biden’s — but also that the president needs to base his future plans on what was best for the people, not him personally.

Numerous surveys have indicated that Biden’s chances in a rematch against Trump might not turn out in his favor. The New York Times/Siena poll, which asked registered voters in battleground states who they would vote for if it came down to the two 2020 candidates, determined that Trump had roughly 4% more support among collective voters from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Associated Press adds that the president’s age is a primary factor. However, Franklin and Marshall College reported that roughly 43% of Americans believe both Biden and Trump are too old to be running for the 2024 term.

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