Former Senator Bob Graham Dies at 87

( – Born in 1936 in Coral Gables, Florida, Bob Graham grew up to follow in his father’s footsteps. Like his dad, former state Senator Ernest Graham (D-FL), Democrat Bob Graham was elected to the Florida legislature in 1966. Years later he became Florida’s governor and served decades in the US Senate. Graham even announced a run for president in 2002 before his health took him out of the race. Recently, his daughter shared a sad announcement about her dad.

On April 16, former Senator Bob Graham’s (D-FL) daughter, Gwen Graham, posted a message from her family on social media. It stated that her father passed away at the age of 87. The post detailed much of the former politician’s life, including his love for Florida, Floridians, his family, and the time he spent as an educator. The note said Graham told people his “favorite title was not governor or senator,” but the “name his grandchildren gave him: Doodle.” He used to say that when he was “really good,” the kids called him “Super Doodle.”

The post didn’t mention his cause of death but instead focused on his life. It said Graham gave his life to better the “world around him.” That included his accomplishments while in office and out. The family explained that the former politician loved working alongside his fellow Floridians in the community, stating he forged friendships through his dedication across the state. He spent time teaching citizenship at a high school in Miami-Dade County because he had a mission of “helping Americans become effective citizens.” The message said Graham had a great love for America, the world, Florida, and his family with a string of “accomplishments and personal traits” that made him “unforgettable.”

The former previously told The New York Times during a campaign interview that he was an “understated person” but offered the public more than charisma — “steady leadership.”

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