Fighting NY Case Important To Trump

( – The New York civil trial against former President Donald Trump, two of his sons, and their collective businesses began this week. They face an estimated $250 million in damages, and if the judge rules against them, they could lose their ability to do business in New York. Alina Habba, one of the attorneys defending Trump in the matter, explained how big this case is to the former commander-in-chief.

Habba joined Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Wednesday, October 4. She described the case as “very important” to Trump, noting that his livelihood is at stake. She reminded listeners that the MAGA leader was more than a former president — he’s also just another American citizen who was trying to run a business and make money.

BBC states that Trump once said he regarded the building projects under his name as his most important work beyond family. It adds that his attendance at the proceeding, which was not mandatory, demonstrates how seriously the former president is taking this high-stakes case.

The judge presiding over the matter, Arthur Engoron, already ruled last week that Trump inflated the value of Mar-a-Lago by 2,300% and that of his Trump Tower triplex at three times its actual worth. The remainder of the proceedings will cover additional claims that include insurance fraud, conspiracy, and falsification of business records.

This case is just one of several Trump is currently facing. Prosecutors are also pursuing three criminal indictments against him for allegedly attempting to overturn the 2020 election, paying hush money over an affair and attempting to hide the evidence, and mishandling classified documents.

Trump has maintained his innocence throughout his indictments, going so far as to speak out against his opposition on social media. Engoron issued a gag order on Tuesday, October 3, after the former president blasted negative remarks about the court’s clerk on Truth Social and an email newsletter.

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