Fetterman Blasts Harris for Threat Against Israel

(RepublicanReport.org) – Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) strongly disagrees with the Biden Administration’s current attitude toward Israel. He believes the US should support the Jewish nation in its fight to eradicate Hamas. The Pennsylvania senator recently blasted Vice President Kamala Harris over her comment that an offensive in Rafah would be a “huge mistake.” 


Rafah is among the last of Hamas’ strongholds in Gaza, but it’s also the final refuge for the roughly 1.5 million civilians who fled there from other parts of the region. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, argues that he must be allowed to eradicate Hamas at all costs, or the terrorist organization will merely regroup and start the cycle of terror over once again. He claims he will offer “safe passage” to all the innocent people who would be trapped in the crossfire, but he hasn’t indicated how that would take place or where the refugees would go next.


Harris spoke out against a possible attack during the March 24 broadcast of ABC News’ “This Week” with Rachel Scott. She stated that the Biden Administration has made its stance clear, adding that US leaders haven’t ruled out punishing Israel if it does move forward with the new wave of strikes.


Fetterman quickly responded, taking his frustrations to X, formerly Twitter. He posted the headline promoting Harris’ interview, adding, “Hard disagree.” He stated that Israel had the right to continue until all of Hamas had surrendered or was “eliminated.” The Pennsylvania Democrat also blamed the many deaths in Gaza on the terrorist group, which often hides among civilian populations in attempts to shield itself from attacks.


Both sides have accused the other of committing genocide, and each has recorded heavy devastation as the result of conflicts between them. Roughly 1,200 people were brutally slaughtered on October 7, 2023, when Hamas terrorists stormed Israel and rushed the streets. Since then, retaliatory strikes across Gaza have reportedly killed over 30,000 Palestinians.

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