Fani Willis Wins Democratic Primary Election In A Landslide

( – Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. She convened a grand jury that indicted former President Donald Trump on 18 charges, including RICO violations. Then, she had to battle allegations of a workplace romance with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, from which she reportedly financially benefitted. Despite all of her recent battles, Willis had a strong showing at the ballots recently.

On Tuesday, May 21, Willis appeared on the ballot for the first time since charges were filed against Trump and more than a dozen co-conspirators in Georgia’s high-profile election case. She soundly beat out her rival, Christian Wise Smith, 87% to 13%.

With this win, Willis will proceed to the general election in November, where she will run against Courtney Kramer, a lawyer who not only interned in the White House during the Trump administration but also was a litigation consultant for the former president following the 2020 election.

In a speech after the win, Willis said she was “so humbled and so grateful to the citizens of Fulton County who made this possible.” She said with their votes, they made it clear they wanted someone in charge who would put the law first. Willis also spoke about Kramer, who she says “is completely unqualified” with “less than 20 years of practicing law.”

The wins come at a precarious time for the Georgia DA, who has faced calls to resign. Lawmakers are also seeking information from her regarding Department of Justice grants, alleging she might have “misused funds from these grants to fund unrelated travel” or purchases. Willis has denied any wrongdoing.

The Georgia DA has also faced calls to remove herself from the election interference case. A judge ruled she could remain on the case if Wade stepped down. Trump’s legal team has contested that decision and was granted a hearing by the Georgia State Court of Appeals.

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