DeSantis: Dems Turn Their Backs on Police

( – On March 25, NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller and his partner reportedly directed two men to move their parked car away from a bus stop in Queens. After meeting some resistance, one of the suspects allegedly pulled a gun and opened fire, shooting and killing the police officer. While former President Donald Trump attended Diller’s wake, President Joe Biden did not. That seemed to spark a reaction from the governor of Florida.

On the day of the wake, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) appeared for a segment on Newsmax. While he didn’t specifically address the Diller tragedy, the governor said police “get no support from [SIC] Democrat politicians, and the party has “turned [its] back on law enforcement.” DeSantis also said elites like President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama have “turned their backs” on the working class, noting the $25 million-plus star-studded fundraising dinner held by Biden on the evening of Diller’s wake.

Meanwhile, earlier that day, Trump and New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) attended the service. The former president spoke to reporters afterward, stating that tragedies like these “should never happen.” Adams said that Biden called him to send his condolences, which the mayor said he would relay to the grieving family. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the president called the mayor but wouldn’t say if he spoke directly with the family, stating she had no “private communications” to share. However, she said the NYPD had Biden’s “full support,” and the president was grieving with the department and family.

Diller was a 31-year-old police officer who joined the NYPD in early 2021. He lived in Massapequa Park with his wife and young son and was the first officer killed in the line of duty in two years.

The suspected shooter, Guy Rivera, was arrested for killing the officer. He reportedly has a long history of violence, having been arrested 21 times, nine of which were on felony charges. The court remanded him pending trial.

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