Dershowitz: Iran’s Attacks Won’t End Without Regime Change

( – On April 13, Iran shot over 300 drones and missiles toward Israel, 99% of which were shot down with assistance from the United States. The attack was an apparent retaliation for an Israeli strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria that killed seven Iranian military officers. But Attorney Alan Dershowitz had a different take on the incident and possibilities in the Middle East going forward.

The next day, Dershowitz spoke on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report,” where he claimed the attack was not a retaliatory strike. The lawyer said a court in Argentina determined that Iran had attacked the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1994, justifying Israel’s recent attack on the Iranian “consulate” in Syria. However, Iranian operatives actually bombed a Jewish community center associated with the embassy.

Dershowitz went a step further to say that the target wasn’t a consulate at all but a “military base disguised as a consulate.” He said the only way to stop Iran’s attacks, including those perpetrated by Iran-backed groups, is through a regime change.

The attorney told Newsmax that about 70% of Iranians want a change in government and a return to democracy. He also asserted that “90% of Arab states in the region” want that as well. However, Dershowitz said the only way that can happen is to take away Iran’s nuclear capabilities — hitting the country where it hurts. If not, Iran will return to business as usual, dipping into its “oil revenues” and paying its surrogates to continue their attacks.

The Harvard law professor stated that destroying Iran’s nuclear capabilities would require a joint effort from Israel and the United States. He said the crown Prince of Iran, son of the Shah, said his father would return the country to democracy if Iranian citizens could vote. Dershowitz said that can’t happen if the US continues to “pressure” Israel “not to respond.”

After Iran’s attack, White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby stated the US would not take part in any response launched by Israel and is not seeking war with Iran.

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