Denver To Cut Police, Fire Dept. Spending To Help Pay For Illegals

( – Denver, Colorado, is a sanctuary city, meaning it welcomes immigrants and discourages its law enforcement and others from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement agents about their status — unless a crime has been committed. In July 2023, the city’s migrant shelters became so overwhelmed that the mayor limited the amount of time migrant families could remain in those facilities. Now, the city has made another move to rectify the situation.

On April 10, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced a new plan to deal with the influx of migrants and the costs associated with their stay while they wait for work permits. He stated that his city has been dealing with the “crisis” for over a year and now has a “sustainable plan for treating [the] newcomers with dignity while avoiding the worst cuts to city services.”

The new budget involves reopening recreation centers and motor vehicle offices and budget adjustments that will save Denver $45.9 million, which, combined with the $44 million already earmarked, will fund the newcomer plan without having to make any additional cuts in the budget.

A local news source broke down the $45.9 million savings sources, the largest of which include a 9.6% cut to the mayor’s office, 6.1% from climate action, and 3.8% from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. The sheriff’s department, police department, and fire department take a 2.2%, 1.9%, and 0.8% cut, respectively.

Other adjustments include community development, the city attorney’s office, the public library, the department of finance, and housing stability. However, Johnston assured that the cuts were made from internal cost-saving measures like reduced hiring for certain positions, buying fewer supplies, and putting off some projects previously in the works. He stated the pullback doesn’t include any layoffs or furloughs of Denver employees.

The money will go toward newcomer programs in the city, including the new Denver Asylum Seekers Program. Yoli Casas, Executive Director of Vive Wellness, called the program a “win-win for everyone.”

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