Dems Slipping With Black and Hispanic Voters

( – Support for the Democratic Party has been slipping among black and Hispanic voters according to a recent Gallup poll. While the majority of people in both groups still identify as Democrats, their numbers have seen massive drops over the last three years. The news could mean disaster for President Joe Biden, who relied heavily on minority votes to tip the odds in his favor in 2020.

Black voters gave Biden the biggest push in the last presidential elections, with 92% of the people in that demographic casting their ballots for him in 2020 according to Pew Research. Gallup found that figure to have plummeted since, with only 66% currently identifying with the Left. Granted, still only about 19% among them identify as Republican or Republican-leaning, but the lost votes Democrats are likely to see over the shift could be enough to make a difference in a Trump-Biden rematch.

Pew found the lead among Hispanic voters to be less dramatic in 2020, with 59% voting for Biden and 38% voting for Donald Trump. According to Gallup, 47% of those voters currently lean toward being Democrats, while 35% identify as Republicans or Republican-leaning. Again, the Left still has the lead, but the overall losses could help shift the outcome.

The rise of overall independent voters could be part of the reason behind the shift. Gallup shared that 43% of voters currently identify as neither Republican nor Democrat. The Left has lost more voters to the moderate demographic, but the drop has left the major parties each with about 27% of the population’s firm support. Looking at people who are leaning one direction or the other, Republicans currently have about 45% of the population’s support compared to Democrats’ 43%.

Biden’s plummeting approval ratings have likely driven much of the shift. FiveThirtyEight shows that they have suffered greatly since September 2021. Only about 38.7% of Americans currently approve of his performance in the White House.

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