Democratic Voters Allowed to Be Jurors in Trump’s Trial

( – Former President Donald Trump’s hush-money trial is due to kick off on April 15, with jury selection taking place that day. During the process, lawyers can ask prospective jurors questions about their beliefs and exposure to the case to determine if there’s a pre-existing bias. However, Judge Juan Merchan has imposed restrictions.

On Monday, April 8, Merchan notified attorneys for both sides about the process of jury selection. In the letter, he listed 42 questions prospective jurors were allowed to answer. Their previous voting records were conspicuously missing from the list. Neither the defense nor the prosecution can ask “whom they voted for or intend to vote for, or whom they have made political contributions to,” per Newsweek. Additionally, they are not to be asked directly about their political party registration.

Among the approved questions, aside from the normal ones, are those about whether the jurors attended any anti- or pro-Trump rallies, their associations with any political movements or Trump companies, and whether they believe they can be impartial. The attorneys can also ask about any news networks or media the prospects consume on a regular basis, including podcasts, talk radio, online or published news outlets, and social media. The prospects can also provide their opinion about how Trump has been treated in regards to the hush-money case.

The former president’s legal team argued they should be able to ask potential jurors if they like Trump. Merchant denied that request, saying, “Such questions are irrelevant because they do not go to the issue of [their] qualifications,” according to Axios.

Trump has been trying to force Merchan to recuse himself from the case, as well as trying to delay it while the Supreme Court considers the issue of presidential immunity before the justices. An appeals court rejected his latter attempt, which means barring anything significant, he will be in court on April 15.

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