Democrat Mayor Adams Wants To Modify Sanctuary Status

( – New York City officials have been struggling for months to keep up with the influx of immigrants taking advantage of its sanctuary status. The vast increases in migrants have also led to increases in crime, and Mayor Eric Adams (D) has finally had enough. He wants to modify current provisions to allow local officials to get US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) involved when asylum seekers break the law.

Daily Wire reports that Adams spoke in response to a growing number of incidents in which migrants have committed serious crimes, only to be released back into the general population. One of the last straws may have been a recent incident in which a group of illegal aliens allegedly beat two officers from the New York Police Department. The accused reportedly flipped off reporters with grins upon their release, and then they left the state. Federal authorities finally caught up with them in Arizona, where local officials blasted those in New York for allowing the violent offenders to go free.

Adams recently spoke out as well, and the New York Democrat actually agrees that policies need to change. He said the sanctuary city laws, as they currently stand, don’t allow officials to involve ICE in their arrests — so no matter how terrible a crime, the offense won’t affect a migrant’s ability to remain in the country. He stated that those who commit violent offenses and other serious crimes should be deported, and that requires cooperation with ICE.

The New York Times reports that Adams has become overwhelmed by the number of asylum seekers who have sought refuge in New York City, admitting at the end of 2023 that they were growing short on room. He noted that the situation has become a humanitarian crisis and estimated it would cost the city about $12 billion over the next few years. The liberal mayor has repeatedly begged the Biden Administration for more help and accused the president of having “failed” his city.

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