Dem Strategist Carville: Numbers Among Young Men Are ‘Horrifying’

( – Democratic strategist and lawyer James Carville managed his first successful presidential campaign in the early ‘90s for former President Bill Clinton. He is very familiar with the ins and outs of political campaigns and what it takes to win an election. Carville recently released a video with some real concerns about the Biden campaign and warnings to young people in America.

On March 31, Carville posted an episode for his podcast “Carville’s Classroom,” where he stated the Democratic party is losing young people of color — particularly men — “in droves.” He said the reason is because the Left isn’t doing enough to convey the gravity of electing former President Donald Trump in November. Carville said these young people are worried about insurance and interest rates and home prices and tuning out of politics altogether.

Carville warned the demographic about the dangers of apathy at this time, stating that long after Trump, himself, and President Joe Biden are long dead, they could be paying the price for decades. The strategist warned that whether young people of color pay attention to what’s going on or not, they will be “dragged into this.” Carville urged the Democratic party to concentrate on reaching the demographic and urging them to vote by explaining to them what’s “at stake here.” While many of the issues involve women in America, Carville said it was important to tell young men about the dangers as well.

Fox News reported the results from multiple polls seemingly backing Carville’s assessment of Black and Latino support for Biden. One survey showed Trump with more Hispanic voters than Biden while also showing a drop in Black support for the current president. Ultimately, the real test will be who gets out to vote in November. If Democrats don’t heed Carville’s warning, it could spell big trouble for Biden’s reelection chances.

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