Dem Rep. Suggests George W. Bush For Speaker

( – Representatives in the House remain split over who they want to replace Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as their speaker. Some are trying to push Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) as the top pick, but early voting suggests the majority of lawmakers aren’t convinced he’s the man for the job. One Democrat believes former President George W. Bush could be a good alternative.

“Forbes Newsroom” released an interview with Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) on October 16 on its YouTube channel, where the California Democrat suggested Bush might be a good House speaker. He stated that while he didn’t agree with how the 43rd president of the United States had handled the war in Iraq, he felt the Republican was likely moderate enough to appeal to both sides of the aisle. At the very least, Bush could draw enough support from traditional Republicans to rally the Right and nudge outliers to consider at least some degree of compromise.

Bush’s 14-year absence from politics wouldn’t affect his eligibility for the position. Anyone, even if they’re not a House representative, can serve as speaker, so if enough people voted for the former commander-in-chief, he could technically serve. The bigger question is whether someone who’s already been America’s top leader twice should be placed second in line for president — a position Bush is barred by federal law, as per the Twenty-Second Amendment, from being elected for a third term. The language, which doesn’t cover positions of power in line for the presidency — just Presidential elections themselves — might allow for a loophole in the courts.

Another issue that could be of concern is Bush’s age. He was 54 years old when he first became president in 2001, which would make him 77 years old now. With so much buzz as of late over the number of lawmakers in Washington who are serving long beyond their apparent prime, he might not be the best candidate to get the votes.

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