Conservative Group ‘Moms for Liberty’ To Dish Out $3 Million In Swing States

( – Moms for Liberty is a nonprofit group that started three years ago in Florida. Its mission is to empower parents to defend their rights when it comes to education at the local, state, and federal levels. The group’s website says Moms for Liberty promotes liberty, spreads awareness, holds leaders accountable, and engages on key issues affecting families in America. Recently, the conservative group announced its plans to get involved in the political arena.

On May 22, sources reported that Moms for Liberty is prepared to spend over $3 million on ads targeting voters in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. The group aims to increase its membership numbers and motivate voters heading into November. Some of its ads reportedly criticize the Biden administration. The group is apparently also hoping to move into three more swing states in hopes of making an impact on the presidential election.

Moms for Liberty started as a grassroots organization of like-minded moms, but the substantial cash commitment made some question its funding and true intent. The group’s co-founder, Tina Descovich, told The Associated Press that the new push was prompted by “investors” intent on expanding the group in “specific states.” She didn’t mention who those investors were or why they chose to fund Moms for Liberty in particular.

However, Federal Election Commission records show the group’s political action committee (PAC) received funding from another PAC funded by billionaire Richard Uihlein — a conservative donor — in October 2023 and March. Those donations totaled $161,000, well short of $3 million.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten was leery of Moms for Liberty’s intent with the recent push. He said its non-transparency showed the group is “not grassroots” and “they’re operatives for somebody else.” However, Descovich claimed that 20% of the group’s members aren’t registered to vote, so the campaign is designed to “wake them up.” She also said Moms for Liberty does not endorse presidential candidates.

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