Colorado Judge Receives Threats After Trump Ruling

( – The Colorado Supreme Court’s 4-3 ruling against former President Donald Trump — the state’s most recent move to oust him from its primary ballot in 2024 — infuriated Republicans who remain supportive of their frontrunner. Most believe they’ll see vindication once the case reaches the US Supreme Court, but some MAGA enthusiasts are threatening to take matters into their own hands anyway. They’re flooding social media with threats against the four justices who decided Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021, disqualified him from running for public office ever again.

NBC News reports that pro-Trump social media outlets like Truth Social have filled with angry rhetoric, many directly in response to Trump’s own posts. One user reportedly said their problem wouldn’t end until they killed their opposition. Another suggested all seven Colorado Supreme Court justices needed to be “at the bottom of the ocean.”

Users extended the threats to family members as well, with one alluding to fantasies of using a justice’s baby like a basketball and “dunking” it into a garbage bin. Other messages have included ideations of bombings, beheadings, shootings, and other acts of retribution.

Former FBI investigator and president of Advance Democracy, Daniel J. Jones, expressed concern over the volume of threats that MAGA followers have made against the judges. He accused Trump of egging on his supporters, fanning the flames by politicizing the justices’ decisions and seeking to delegitimize anyone who opposed him.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s December 19 decision, which was an appeal against a previous district court ruling, stated that Trump was disqualified from appearing on the presidential ballot in Colorado. It cited the 14th Amendment as its reasoning, stating it disagreed with the district court’s finding that Section Three, which bars any citizen who engages in insurrection from running for office, doesn’t apply to the president.

The judges added that they understood they were treading “uncharted territory” and didn’t take their decision lightly.

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