Chocolate Coins Recalled for Allergen Mislabeling

( – During the holidays, manufacturers release different candies not typically seen in stores at any other time of year. Those include candy canes full of goodies, peppermint bark, Christmas tree-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and chocolate coins — a kid favorite. Recently, one of those companies issued a recall that involves seasonal candy.

On December 1, Manischewitz announced it mislabeled its Dark Chocolate Coins by neglecting to include the fact that the treat may contain milk. The company said the voluntary recall included coins distributed to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut from September 26 through November 28. While the product was supposed to only include coins made of dark chocolate — which does not contain milk — Manischewitz’s Quality Control Department found that some of the bags included the milk chocolate variety.

The notice said all Manischewitz Milk Chocolate Coins have gold foil and are available in blue netting, while the dark pieces are wrapped in silver and nestled in red netting. The dark chocolate lot that could contain gold dairy coins is lot code 2283 with a UPC Code of 072700200387 and a Display Box UPC of 072700200356.

Luckily, there have been no reported injuries at this date, but consumers should check to ensure their chocolate coins are the variety they intended to purchase. While the outside wrapping should indicate the coin type inside, peeling the foil to check the chocolate inside is prudent for those with dairy allergies. The company said consumers can return their recalled product for credit or refund. Manischewitz noted the FDA was aware of the voluntary recall.

Milk allergies can cause hives, wheezing, tingling around the mouth and lips, swelling in and around the mouth area, shortness of breath, or vomiting. Severe cases can also cause anaphylaxis, according to the Mayo Clinic. Manischewitz stated anyone experiencing allergy symptoms should contact a health professional immediately.

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