Car Slams Into Texas Emergency Room; At Least 1 Dead, Multiple Injured

( – A car slammed into an emergency room in Texas, plowing through the entry before crashing inside. The driver died, and at least five other people were injured. Police are still investigating the incident.

Fatal Crash

Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services shared on Facebook that a car plowed into the emergency room at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center at 5:38 p.m. It initially stated that one person was pronounced dead on the scene, another was treated for their injuries at the location, and four others went via transport to two other hospitals. One child reportedly was in critical condition, and one adult also had life-threatening injuries. An update later that evening indicated that a second adult was also suffering life-threatening injuries. No other information is currently available on the victims.

Quick Response

ABC News shared footage from the terrifying ordeal, with reporter Mireya Villarreal explaining that a white Acura drove through the public emergency room entrance, plowing inside the building. In the video, smoke fills the room as the driver continues to hit the gas despite having crashed. The scene is so chaotic that one witness initially thought there had been an explosion. Audio of the communications at the time indicates that responders attempted to perform CPR, but there are still no details on the driver’s death.

Crews worked quickly to repair the damage and get the facility up and running normally again. It was temporarily closed to ambulances, accepting walk-ins throughout the night and finally opening back up emergency transports that morning at around 7 a.m. Property damage was minimal, with the doorway and an aquarium suffering the biggest blows. The affected entrance was closed temporarily, forcing visitors to use an alternate door, but services in the rest of the hospital carried on as usual.

Investigation Underway

The Austin Police Department issued a statement on social media, identifying the driver as 57-year-old Michelle Holloway, noting that she is the only person who has died so far in the incident. Investigators still aren’t sure what happened, but they don’t believe she crashed into the waiting room intentionally. They also don’t believe a medical episode was to blame.

Daily Wire speculates the footage could be evidence that the driver was incapacitated, but there is no information available as to whether the woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when she crashed into the building. More may become available as the investigation continues.

Police are asking anyone who may have information relevant to the case to call APD’s Vehicular Homicide unit at 512-974-8111. Tipsters can also share anonymously by going to the Capital Area Crime Stoppers Program and submitting a form online.

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