Campus Erupts When Owens Answers Student’s Trans’ Question

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( – Candace Owens is a conservative commentator known for sharing opinions that tend to ruffle feathers. According to Hollywood Life, the right-winger has defended former President Donald Trump and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, in addition to arguing against the existence of white nationalism against Black people in front of Congress. She’s currently eight months pregnant and has two young children at home. Recently, she spoke at a college in New York where she stirred up some more controversy — and support.

On October 4, the Daily Wire reported that Owens stopped at the University at Albany during her TPUSA “Live Free” tour. During the discussion, a student asked her what she would tell a trans student at the college who felt “victimized by her presence” there. Owens responded, “Life’s tough, get a helmet, man.” She followed it up by saying she was “too pregnant for this.” Her glib response sparked applause from the audience while attracting some ire on social media.

Owens said she wasn’t there to “coddle adults,” and if a 20-year-old feels “victimized” by her mere presence on stage, that is a failure of that individual’s parents.

Those who supported the host’s words called Ms. Owens “brave” for speaking her mind, stating the students needed “that kind of straight talk.” Others said the host would “say anything for money,” and she is a product of what “happens when you ban books.”

The political commentator has made it no secret how she feels about the LGBTQ+ community, having recently been suspended for the second time from YouTube due to her rhetoric against it. In fact, Owens has called the “trans movement” “satanic” in the past. However, her recent comment at the university, although in answer to someone asking about a trans issue, seemed to center around toughening up for life rather than another bash at the community.

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