Boeing Whistleblower Who Warned of Aircraft Safety Found Dead

( – A former quality manager for Boeing was recently found dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Investigators believe the fatal blow was self-inflicted, but they haven’t released their official statement on John Barnett’s death. Speculation has been heavy in response to the news, partially due to the individual’s status as a whistleblower. He claimed that his former employer ignored numerous safety violations and filed a formal complaint before leaving the company in 2017.

Barnett was scheduled to finish his deposition within days of his death. His lawyer, Robert Turkewitz, reportedly called Barnett’s hotel after he didn’t show up to court for his final day of pre-trial questioning over the case. A welfare check led to the discovery of Barnett’s remains in his truck, which was still sitting in the hotel parking lot.

Barnett told BBC he first raised the red flags on Boeing in 2016, when he discovered about one-quarter of the oxygen tanks in a 787 Dreamliner weren’t functioning properly when the cabin depressurized. He noted that the malfunction could cause unconsciousness in less than a minute, even sooner at high enough altitudes, with extended issues possibly leading to brain damage and death. He attempted to address multiple instances where he alleged workers left potentially dangerous metal shavings in aircraft they’d worked on as well. He also claimed there was at least one instance where defective parts went missing — possibly installed on one of their planes.

Sources haven’t indicated there were any signs of foul play, and there is currently no known connection between Barnett’s death and anyone affiliated with Boeing, but Daily Wire notes that officials also haven’t finished their investigation. Turkewitz plans to continue pursuing his deceased client’s case against the airline manufacturer, noting Barnett had started the lawsuit because he wanted “to make a difference.”

A representative from Boeing stated that the company was “saddened” to learn about Barnett’s death.

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