Boebert’s Ex-Husband Arrested

( – Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) has cleared her good name following an altercation that took place between her and ex-husband Jayson Boebert. The investigation led to multiple charges against Mr. Boebert, who was arrested on January 9. Affidavits state that the arrest stems from two separate incidents that occurred within days of one another. Mr. Boebert currently faces six separate charges.

CBS News reports that the ordeal began on January 6, when a conflict arose over the couple’s ended marriage. The two had been trying to find amicable ground, but Mr. Boebert allegedly consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and lost control. He reportedly moved aggressively toward her, and the representative pushed him away and told him not to touch her. The conflict reportedly took place within the view of their 14-year-old son.

Mr. Boebert wanted to continue their conversation, according to The Daily Beast, which states that the congresswoman agreed to do so in a public setting in case he continued to get confrontational. At the restaurant, he reportedly made another move toward her, and she raised her hand to his nose to block him. He called the police in response, insisting she had punched him, a statement he later retracted when investigators couldn’t find any evidence to back his claims.

The first affidavit arises from Mr. Boebert’s conduct when police arrived at the restaurant. He was reportedly uncooperative with officers who tried to speak with him and refused to comply with their commands, landing himself charges for disorderly conduct, obstruction of a peace officer, and trespassing.

The second set of charges stems from an altercation that occurred on January 9 between Mr. Boebert, who was allegedly drinking during that incident as well, and the couple’s adult son. A verbal argument had started between the two after the accused reportedly confronted his son over finding his baby grandson lying in a filled laundry hamper. The conflict escalated, and the younger Boebert called the police, prompting his father to threaten him with a rifle. Mr. Boebert faces charges of harassment, prohibited use of weapons, and assault for his alleged actions in that altercation.

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