Boebert Issues Warning Over Ken Buck ‘Stunt’

( – Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) made a stunning announcement on March 12 that he would be leaving Congress at the end of the following week. The decision further complicated the position he left for fellow Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R), who has had her eye on Buck’s relatively conservative 4th District seat in the House. Boebert is accusing him of pulling the “stunt” in an attempt to sabotage her.

Boebert shared her thoughts in a March 13 post on X, the social media outlet formerly known as Twitter. She refers to a recent podcast of “The Dan Bongino Show,” where the host claims Buck left when he did to confuse both Boebert and Colorado voters. The podcaster claims the congressman’s move is in response to the hatred the “establishment” has for Boebert, and the lawmaker is “conveniently” leaving ahead of the general elections to “ice” the MAGA Republican.

Bongino reasons that the special election to replace Buck until the end of the term is set to occur close to the time when the general elections will be taking place, possibly even on the same day. He asserts that the timing is no coincidence, as it creates multiple new issues for Boebert. First, she must choose which contest she wants to run in — but going for the special election would mean resigning from her 3rd District seat first and leaving it open to a special election as well. The other possible issue is the confusion that could arise from both occurring on or around the same day. Some residents might not fully understand the difference between the two, and the confusion could affect outcomes at the polls for both votes.

The added decision doesn’t appear to be deterring Boebert. She is still set to compete in the Republican primary for the 4th District seat this November, confident that Buck’s move will “backfire on them spectacularly.”

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