Blinken Meets China’s President Xi

( – The United States’ relationship with China is complicated. The US Department of State describes relations between the nations as strategically competitive, but the countries practice results-oriented diplomacy on shared global matters. Over the last several years, relations have been more difficult, with rising tensions in the region, the war in Ukraine, and the alleged spy balloons floating over America. Recently, a US official traveled to China for a meeting.

On April 26, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other senior officials. Officials arranged the gathering to discuss how to manage the differences between the United States and China responsibly. The two powerful nations have reportedly had conflicting approaches to several global issues. Blinken specifically mentioned evidence showing China trying to “influence” and “interfere” in US elections — a move he said was “totally unacceptable.”

The secretary seemed encouraged by the meeting, indicating there had been some bilateral cooperation on artificial intelligence advancements, military communications, and the battle against narcotics. Blinken said the United States was “committed to maintaining and strengthening lines of communication” with China to head off any “miscommunications,” “misperceptions,” and “miscalculations.” Still, not all the news was positive. The secretary of state said Russia wouldn’t be able to continue its assault on Ukraine without China’s help — a bone of contention. According to Blinken, by “fueling Russia’s defense industrial base,” China is not only threatening “Ukrainian security” but all of Europe. He told Xi that he needed to “address [that] problem.” He also encouraged the Chinese president to use his influence in the region to help stop “Iran and its proxies” from furthering the Middle Eastern conflict.

Xi said he wanted China and the US to find common ground. The Chinese leader said he’s “happy to see” and successful America and hopes the country can view “China’s development in a positive light” as well.

Do you think these meetings will help the US/China relationship?

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