Bill Maher Has Bad News About Biden’s Future

( – Although the presidential primary elections determining who will run for POTUS in the general election won’t happen for months, it appears the Democratic and Republican contenders will likely be President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump — again. Recently, a popular figure made a public prediction on who would occupy the White House beginning in 2025.

On November 17, comedian and HBO host Bill Maher talked with former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile on his show: “Real Time with Bill Maher.” He predicted Biden would not serve a second term in the Oval Office. The reason? His age. While many people do talk about the president’s age as a reason to keep him out from behind the Resolute Desk, the fact is that he’s less than three and a half years older than Trump.

Brazile gave some examples of others at an advanced age who were still doing their thing without missing a beat. She specifically mentioned actor Betty White — 99 when she passed — and rock star Mick Jagger — 80 — to show that everyone ages differently. Maher agreed, saying he’s against ageism. The HBO host said while he does believe Biden can do the job, he doesn’t think voters will give him the chance. While it’s true that Trump is only a few baby steps behind Biden in age, Maher believes Americans perceive the president as “too old” and “perception is reality.” That’s why he thinks Biden will lose.

Some polls on FiveThirtyEight agree with Maher’s belief, putting Trump ahead by one or two points — within the margin of error. Other polls swing far in the other direction, showing Biden up between 9 and 14 points above the former president. The real test will be at the ballot box next year and might hinge on whether or not Trump has any convictions or if he’s sitting in jail. While his loyal followers will likely vote for him anyway, moderate Republicans and Independents might not.

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