Biden’s Nightmare Polling in Michigan Has Dems Worried

( – President Joe Biden has stubbornly resolved to stay in the primaries and continue his run for another four years in the White House. He made the decision despite the fact that his approval rating has taken some serious hits over the past couple of years, adamant that he has what it takes to overcome the odds. Now, his nightmare polling in Michigan has Democrats worried that he might not deliver after all.

Tanking Numbers

The polls haven’t been kind to Biden as of late, with recent surveys conducted in Michigan reflecting his continued downward slump. A recent CNN poll factored in responses from 1,197 registered voters in the state between November 29 and December 6. It estimated that on a hypothetical ballot, former President Donald Trump had a 10-point lead over Biden, with about 50% of the total vote. Roughly 69% of those voters felt Biden’s mental competency was a deal-breaker, whereas 57% felt the same about Trump’s temperament. About 64% disapproved of Biden’s overall performance.

Hypothetical matchups between Biden and other candidates were just as dismal. About 50% of Michigan residents stated they would choose Nikki Haley over Biden, with only 38% stating they’d still vote for the current president. If DeSantis were instead running, polls show he would likely win by about 7 points.

Waning Support Among Minorities

One of Biden’s major issues is the support he’s apparently lost from minorities. Pew Research reports that he relied heavily on minority groups, especially blacks, for his victory in 2020, but his support among those voters is substantially lower than it was during the last elections. About 92% of black voters voted for Biden in the previous presidential polls, but the most recent survey found only 63% planned to vote for him this time around.

A separate poll conducted through The New York Times and Siena College found only 46% of black voters still had the commander-in-chief’s back, with 12% stating they would vote for Trump. The troubled economy is among the many reasons for the approval drop.

Another survey conducted by NBC News found Biden’s support among the Muslim community has become strained. The agency questioned 513 Michigan voters who were likely to vote Left in the next election. Among the Muslim and Arab respondents, only about 16% said they would be willing to choose Biden. An estimated two-thirds of these voters said they want to see someone other than Biden take the Oval Office, with three-quarters of them stating they would be open to a third-party candidate. The president’s handling of the war in Gaza is a major factor behind these views.

However Dems interpret the polls, they clearly present a huge potential opportunity for the GOP.

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