Biden’s Latest Flub Might Have Lost Him The Election

( – North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) represents three million craft professionals in the US and Canada. The organization recently held its legislative conference in Washington, DC, where the group announced its official endorsement of President Joe Biden for re-election. During the president’s remarks, he made an error, which he quickly laughed off, but one commentator said it could cost him dearly in November.

What Happened?

Toward the end of Biden’s short speech, the president said, Folks, imagine what we can do next. Four more years. Pause.” The crowd then started to chant, “Four more years!” The word “pause” was presumably on the teleprompter, and Biden included the instruction in his remarks. Journalist Megyn Kelly shared the clip of the gaffe on social media, stating Biden “might have just lost.”

Multiple people commented on the mistake, criticizing him for the error. The misstep did little to calm voters’ fears about Biden’s age. An NBC News poll from February showed that 62% of voters surveyed had major concerns about Biden’s age in relation to a second term in the White House. That said, only 34% were concerned about former President Donald Trump’s age, even though he’s just a few years younger.

Still, the NABTU seemed excited to endorse Biden for another four years. The organization’s president, Sean McGarvey, said Trump is “incapable of running anything” and seemed intent on keeping the former president away from the White House. The NABTU’s endorsement adds to his growing collection of union support. The United Auto Workers and United Steelworkers Union already endorsed his campaign in recent months.

Biden’s Speech

The president’s speech centered around him thanking the group for its endorsement. Biden said the group will be instrumental in beating Trump in November. The US leader said he was “damn proud” to be with them, stating he is the “most pro-union president in American history.” He also reminisced a bit about growing up in Scranton, talking about how he looks at the economy “through the eyes of Scranton and working people” like them.

The Biden campaign did not comment about the president’s latest gaffe, nor did the NABTU. It’s unclear how or if the mistake will affect Biden in the upcoming election.

What do you think voters will think when they see Biden reading an instruction off the teleprompter as though it should be a spoken word? Do you believe instances like that will hurt him in November?

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