Biden’s 200th Federal Judge OK’d, Trying To Pass Trump’s Record

( – In February, President Joe Biden announced he was nominating Judge Angela M. Martinez for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Martinez had been a magistrate judge for the district since 2023 and previously worked as an assistant US attorney in Arizona’s district attorney’s office. The Senate recently confirmed her appointment to the position.

On May 22, Martinez became the 200th confirmed judge during the Biden administration, marking a milestone for the president. The judge was confirmed to the position by 45 Democrats and 18 Republicans, marking strong bipartisan support. The final vote was 66 to 28 in favor.

Celebrating his accomplishment, Biden said, “Judges matter,” adding that they “hear cases” that have a profound impact on Americans throughout the country. The president stated those justices “have the power to uphold basic rights or to roll them back,” emphasizing the important role they play in the US.

US Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke about the milestone on the Senate floor, stating the Upper Chamber has been “building one of the most important accomplishments” of the administration over the last three years — confirming “highly-qualified, independent, evenhanded judges to the federal bench.” He called the group of 200 “extraordinary” judges who “answer only to the Constitution.”

Durbin said Americans deserve a diverse set of “federal judges” who don’t just look like the populous but “understand the American experience from every angle.” He believes the Senate is accomplishing that feat.

Biden seems well on his way to meeting or exceeding former President Donald Trump’s appointment record of 234 federal judges. There are still 41 district court vacancies. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Democrats have had a “strong and steady pace” while balancing other issues. The lawmaker said his party will “keep at it.”

Shortly after Biden’s 200th confirmation, the Senate confirmed the president’s 201st nominee — Dena Coggins — to the US District Court in the Eastern District of California.

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