Biden Waives Federal Laws To Allow Texas Border Wall Construction

( – After refusing to do anything about security at our southern border since taking office in 2021, the Biden Administration has suddenly developed an enthusiasm for building walls. The White House has announced that it’s waiving over two dozen federal laws, using executive powers last used by former President Donald Trump. The goal is to rapidly build the sort of anti-immigration barriers the president has spent three years telling us are unnecessary and don’t work.

Biden U-Turns On Walls

During his 2020 election campaign, Biden promised he wouldn’t build any new barriers at the US-Mexico border. Up to now, he’s stuck to that, with disastrous consequences as record numbers of migrants pour across our border, but now he’s suddenly changed his mind. The president has an explanation, but cynics might think there’s another reason.

According to Biden, he’s been forced to act because the money Congress appropriated for wall building in 2019 has to be used by the end of 2023 or it can’t be used at all. On October 5, the floundering president was still insisting to reporters that walls don’t work, claiming he’d tried to get Congress to redirect the money to other things but “they wouldn’t.” It never seems to have occurred to him that the government could just not spend the money.

Pressure Grows On Blue Cities

So was that the real reason for Biden’s sudden change of direction? Maybe not. As long as the main impact of illegal immigration was on red states, the president didn’t seem to care about it. Then, southern governors, led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), started busing migrants north and dumping them in Democratic-run “sanctuary cities” — and suddenly everything changed.

Senior Democratic politicians, including New York Governor Kathy Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams, have been demanding action on the migrants suddenly using their resources. Their voters, faced with the reality of what a “sanctuary city,” really means, are getting angry. And, just weeks after Adams started sounding the alarm about how his city was running out of accommodation and money, Biden has reversed three years of opposition to wall-building.

Biden doesn’t just want a wall on the border; he wants it as fast as possible. The administration is waiving no less than 26 federal laws, including the Clean Air Act, Drinking Water Act, and Farmland Protection Act. That’s already bringing opposition from environmental campaigners, and radical Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has also condemned the move.

However, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says there’s an “acute and immediate need” for a barrier to physically stop illegal immigrants — because now they’re being dumped in Democratic-run cities, they’re seemingly suddenly a risk to Biden’s re-election campaign.

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