Biden To Meet Xi In San Francisco

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( – The US Department of State describes America’s relationship with China as a strategic competition. While the United States comes from a place of diplomacy with Beijing on several issues, incidents over the last few years have strained the relationship between the two countries. Those include the balloon incident in February and China showing signs of possibly following in Russia’s footsteps in Ukraine and attempting to reclaim Taiwan. For the first time in over a year, the presidents of the US and China will soon meet.

On November 10, Newsmax reported that President Joe Biden would meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on November 15 in San Francisco. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit is taking place in the city, and the leaders are taking the opportunity to meet in person to talk about several issues. According to the source, the two presidents plan to discuss the war between Israel and Hamas, as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing conflict there.

The pair are also set to discuss Taiwan, North Korea and its relationship with Russia, human rights, the fentanyl crisis, economic relations, trade, and artificial intelligence. One senior official from the Biden Administration said basically every subject is “on the table” for the meet. The US president will also reportedly use the time to highlight the importance of China using its influence over Iran and those doing Iran’s bidding to stop the violence in the Middle East from spreading. The official expects parts of the conversation between the two leaders to be a bit “tough.” A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the pair will have an in-depth talk about “major issues concerning world peace.”

According to POLITICO, Biden and Xi last met in November 2022. Since then, a lot has happened not only between the two countries, but also around the world, so there is much to discuss. The exact location of the Biden/Xi meet itself has been kept under wraps.

Do you think any good will come out of the meeting?

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