Biden Says There Are Others Who Can Also Beat Trump

( – Currently, only three people are running for president of the United States on the Democratic ticket — President Joe Biden, self-help author Marianne Williamson, and Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN). While the primaries have not happened quite yet, Biden is the clear front-runner who will likely run against the likely Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump. Recently, the president commented on the upcoming general election.

On December 6, Biden was delivering remarks from the Roosevelt Room at the White House, encouraging Congress to “pass supplemental funding for Ukraine.” He called the matter “urgent.” At the tail end of his speech, a reporter asked the president if he thought there were any other Democrats besides him that could beat Trump. Initially, Biden responded in jest. He said, “Probably 50 of them.” The reporter started to follow up when the POTUS interrupted by saying he wasn’t the only person who could beat Trump, but he “will defeat him.”

Earlier in the month, the Daily Wire reported that Biden said he wasn’t sure he would run for a second term if Trump wasn’t trying to get back into the White House. The president reportedly said, “We cannot let [Trump] win.” The general election is still a year out, but there have been ongoing polls trying to assess the country’s views on a Biden/Trump rematch and who would come out ahead.

Some polls put the former president ahead, while others favor the current president. Phillips, who recently threw his hat in the ring, doesn’t believe Biden can win re-election. NBC News reported that Phillips believes that a Biden loss would mean an “existential threat to the future” of the US, hence the congressman’s campaign. Still, it doesn’t appear that any other candidate — Democrat or Republican — will win the primaries.

Do you think Biden had someone in mind when he commented to reporters? Do you think any other Democrat could beat Trump in the general election?

Only time will tell!

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