Biden Receives Social Security Boost, Can Protect It Better Than Trump

( – The future of government entitlements has become a hot topic of debate among voters in the run-up to the November presidential election. The latest figures from the Social Security Administration showed that nearly 71 million Americans received disability, retirement, and survivor benefits from the agency during fiscal year 2022.

Recent reports indicated that despite Republican and MAGA-led efforts, Joe Biden received a Social Security boost over Donald Trump regarding his ability to protect the 89-year-old program.

Newsweek Poll Revealed Biden Boost on Social Security

On April 11, Newsweek published the results of a poll conducted for the media outlet by the London-based global strategic consulting firm Redfield & Wilton Strategies. The survey asked participants which presidential candidate they trusted to oversee Social Security.

Forty-one percent of the survey participants said they trusted Biden. Inversely, 36% said they preferred Trump. Additionally, five percent said they trusted both candidates equally, and 12% indicated they weren’t sure.

Biden scored higher than Trump with both men and women. Forty-two percent of the male participants preferred Biden, and 40% of the females concurred. Trump received the support of 38% of the men and 35% of the women.

The president scored well with members of the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers, receiving the support of 48% of the survey’s participants. Thirty-five percent said they preferred Trump.

However, Trump ranked significantly higher than Biden among Gen-Zers. He received the support of 34% of the participants to the president’s meager 27%.

Redfield and Wilton Strategies conducted the poll from April 6 to 7. The firm surveyed 4,000 eligible voters. The study didn’t list its margin of error.

Recent Marquette Poll Showed Similar Results

On April 4, Marquette University Law School released a report detailing the results of a broader survey of 869 registered voters conducted from March 18 to 24, covering a wide range of topics of interest to voters. Thirty-nine percent of survey participants said they supported Biden. A total of 36% favored Trump. Fourteen percent said they trusted both candidates about the same, and 11% said they lacked faith in both.

However, Trump scored significantly higher than Biden on several key issues. For instance, 54% of the survey participants said they trusted the former president more regarding immigration and border security issues. Biden received support from only 27%, with seven percent saying they trusted both candidates the same and 12% indicating they didn’t trust either.

Similarly, Trump scored higher on the economy (51% to 32%), foreign relations (41% to 39%), and handling the war between Israel and Hamas (42% to 32%).

Overall, 52% of the participants supported Biden, compared to Trump’s 48%. However, those figures fell within the study’s +/—4.3% error margin, meaning the final tabulation was a statistical tie.

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