Biden Predicts Next President Will Appoint More Justices

( – Part of the job of the president of the United States is to appoint judges all over the country. If or when the time arises, it’s also the US leader’s responsibility to choose who sits on the Supreme Court — a lifetime appointment. Two of the oldest justices on the court are in their mid-70s, meaning the next president might appoint their replacements.

On May 29, President Joe Biden traveled to Pennsylvania for a campaign rally in Philadephia. During his speech, the US leader mentioned that the next president is “going to be able to appoint a couple of justices,” adding, “I’ll be damned.” The Supreme Court has been in hot water with much of the country after the justices handed down the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Since then, the attitude of the general public about SCOTUS has been poor.

Currently, the nine-person court leans Conservative by a measure of six to three. If Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito — two of the oldest and most controversial judges on the bench — leave their positions and Biden wins, he could nearly even out the court. Thomas and Alito are Conservative. Replacing them with more Liberal judges would make SCOTUS still lean Right, but only by one justice.

Biden told the crowd in Philly that changing the court in this way and putting in “some really progressive judges” would change lives for the better. He brought up not only Roe v. Wade but also the court’s affirmative action and voting rights decisions.

While several justices are nearing or past a typical retirement age, there’s no guarantee that they will retire at all. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 87 and still serving on the bench when she died. That opening allowed former President Donald Trump to appoint Justice Amy Coney Barrett for a lifetime appointment. She is a Conservative and is only 52 years old.

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