Biden Mannequin Hit And Kicked At Republican Event

( – The 2024 campaign cycle is in full swing, meaning state and local committees are hosting various fundraisers to support their respective nominees. Money is tight, and the ability to raise sufficient funds to counter liberal candidates’ ad campaigns is vital to retaining control of the House, Senate, and state legislatures. Recent news reports indicated that attendees at a recent Republican event in Kansas hit and kicked a Biden mannequin, stirring up controversy from Democrats and Republicans alike.

On March 8, the Johnson County Republican Party (JCRP) hosted a “Grand Ol’ Party” fundraising event at the Overland Park Convention Center. Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline (R) presented the gala’s opening remarks, and Ted Nugent, noted musician, political activist, and avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, headlined the three-and-a-half-hour fundraiser. Tickets ranged in price from $90 for students to $300 for premier seating.

Additionally, several local businesses participated in the event. Unfortunately, a karate studio decided to place a mask of Joe Biden on a mannequin used to promote the business’ self-defense classes. They also put a “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt on the dummy, referencing a popular meme disparaging the president.

The JCRP posted a statement on its Facebook page, downplaying the situation. Officials conceded that the event was “tarnished” when an “outside exhibitor’s interactive self-defense display” was altered by the Biden mask.

The statement noted that the incident was “regrettable,” adding that no one from the JCRP “solicited any funds or donations” in exchange for allowing attendees to hit “the training device.” However, local media outlets, like the Kansas City Star, reported that attendees paid a nominal fee to strike the mannequin with a baseball bat or kick the effigy.

As one might expect, several officials from both parties quickly responded to the incident. For instance, Kansas Republican Party Chairman Mike Brown distanced his group from the event, telling media outlets the state party didn’t participate in the event’s planning.

Former Kansas GOP Party head Mike Kuckelman posted a scathing statement on his Facebook page condemning the incident, calling attendees’ conduct “shameful” and “wrong.” He called for the immediate resignation of Brown and JCRP Chairwoman Maria Holiday.

Likewise, Overland Park’s Democratic Senator Cindy Holscher condemned the incident. She also warned that this kind of behavior” is “dangerous and has no place in [American] society.”

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