Biden Looks to Clooney, Obama, Clinton for Campaign Fundraising

( – In March, President Joe Biden raised $43.8 million for his campaign, spent $29.2 million, and had $85.5 million in cash to continue spreading his message. His presumed opponent, former President Donald Trump, raised $15.3 million that month, spent $3.7 million on his campaign, and was left with $45 million in cash. As the events making the presumed candidates official nominees draw near, fundraising continues to heat up.

According to a campaign official from the Biden camp, the president’s team is planning to host a major fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, in June. The event will feature a contest with big-named actors like George Clooney and Julia Roberts running across social media. The purpose of the contest is to energize grassroots donors for the Biden campaign. The stars’ names will also be used in emails and text messages to hopefully bring in more contributions.

Former President Barack Obama is expected to attend the event in support of his former VP. According to a source familiar with the event, Clooney and Roberts are also slated to attend. It will reportedly take place in downtown LA at the Peacock Theater.

The fundraiser follows another June event in Beverly Hills — scheduled for June 7. According to an invitation obtained by The LA Times, tickets for that event cost $250,000 per person. The next day, Biden heads to Newport Beach. Hosts from that gathering will include tech entrepreneur and multimillionaire Palmer Luckey. The campaign is asking donors for that event to contribute as much as $100,000 each toward Biden’s re-election efforts.

Sources familiar with the Biden campaign’s fundraising efforts recently told NBC News that the president’s campaign just finished raising money in Northern California and Seattle, Washington. Those efforts reportedly brought in about $10 million over a 2-day period.

Event organizers hope the California events and star-studded gala will attract voters to Biden. Time will tell.

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