Biden in Pa.: Tax the Rich More; Trump an Elitist

( – President Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election is in full swing as the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2024 race. Recently, the US leader began a tour of several key spots in Pennsylvania — a battleground state he won in 2020. Biden’s first stop was at his old stomping grounds, Scranton, where he had a few choice words about taxes and the former president.

The commander-in-chief arrived in his hometown on April 16, stopping at his childhood home and sharing some of the memories he had there as a child before his family moved to Delaware. Biden spoke about introducing a fairer tax code and drew a stark difference between himself and the people of Scranton and former President Donald Trump. He indicated that Trump was out of touch with the working class, having inherited much of his wealth.

The president said Trump wakes up “at Mar-a-Lago thinking about himself” and wondering how he can “help his [wealthy] friends [obtain] power and control.” He said the voters need to choose what kind of values they want to support — Scranton or Mar-a-Lago. Biden said he plans to concentrate on the “middle out and the bottom up, not the top down.” He believes that approach helps everyone.

President Biden laid out his tax plan in front of the crowd which included expanding the child tax credit, giving a $10,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers, and raising the minimum tax rate for billionaires to 25%. He said taxes are “how we invest in the country,” and tax cuts for the wealthy brought on by Republicans over decades have harmed America.

Biden stated that “Trump embodies that failure.” The president joked that Trump might do better under his tax plan if his Truth Social stock keeps dropping.

After Scranton, Biden visited Pittsburgh and will be in Philadephia to continue his campaigning on April 18.

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