Biden Calls Trump A Convicted Felon

( – On May 30, a Manhattan jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records after about 10 hours of deliberation. That decision, following a five-week trial against the former president, made Trump a felon. Before and during the trial, President Joe Biden refused to comment about the proceedings — but no more.

On June 3, the president traveled to Connecticut for a fundraising event to raise money for his re-election campaign. While speaking to the group of attendees, he said America was wading into “uncharted territory” because now there is a “convicted felon…seeking the office of the presidency.” He called the development “disturbing,” adding that he was concerned about the “all-out assault Donald Trump is making on the American system of justice.”

Since his indictments came to pass, the former president has been declaring that the charges against him are politically motivated, stemming from the president himself. Trump has also attacked the judges, the prosecutors, witnesses, and the entire justice system itself. He’s claimed without proof that the justice system had been weaponized against him and the Manhattan trial was rigged. That sentiment has been echoed throughout the GOP and has escalated since Trump became a convicted felon.

Biden said that Trump’s attacks on the justice system were “dangerous for the country” and the country’s democracy. The president said Trump isn’t the same person that voters “elected in 2016,” adding, “He’s worse.” The US leader said he believes that “something snapped” in the former president when he lost the last election. And because he could accept the fact that Biden won, it “literally [drove] him crazy.”

The president also questioned “what kind of man” Trump is after the former president declared there would be a “bloodbath in America” if he loses again and that he aims to “terminate the Constitution” if he makes it into the White House again. Biden will probably use Trump’s felony conviction as a talking point during the rest of his campaign.

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