Biden and Lauren Boebert Exchange Blows in Colorado

( – President Joe Biden visited Colorado for two days to boost support for clean energy investments, which became possible via the Inflation Reduction Act. He poked at Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), noting her opposition to the legislation as he bragged about the move toward cleaner energy, improved infrastructure, and hundreds of new jobs.

Boebert, who reportedly called the act “garbage” and “wasteful,” promptly shot back at the president. She slammed “Bidenomics” and reminded Americans how much inflation has cost taxpayers over the past year.

Biden Visits CS Wind in Colorado

Biden flew into Colorado from Georgia, where he had appeared at the late First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s funeral. He made his first stop, in the Denver area, on November 28, where he attended a campaign event. He went to Pueblo, Colorado, the following day to visit clean energy manufacturer CS Wind. The company recently announced its plans to expand, adding 850 new jobs to Boebert’s district by 2026 and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into green energy investments in the region, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. CW Wind is currently the biggest wind tower producer in the world.

A press briefing covering the president’s visit noted that Biden’s clean air initiatives were putting the investments mostly into “underserved communities,” which are most in need of new job opportunities. It adds that companies have been able to allocate roughly 7 billion for green energy and manufacturing efforts in Colorado due to the legislation, which is also putting funds into improving the street design in Pueblo and injecting $13.2 million to revitalize Delta’s Main Street. Both areas fall within Boebert’s district. Another infrastructure investment will provide clean water to roughly 50,000 residents in the region.

Boebert Fires Back

KKTV 11 News reported on the exchange that ensued between Boebert and Biden. The Colorado conservative told reporter Melissa Henry that as proud as she was of CW Wind for all it has done for the Pueblo community, taxpayers will ultimately pay hundreds of billions of dollars for the Inflation Reduction Act’s so-called benefits. Overall, according to the Colorado lawmaker, the legislation “was a complete scam.”

Boebert also took her criticism to X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter. The lawmaker slammed Biden over the $11,000 increase in Americans’ expenses due to inflation over the past year. She blamed Bidenomics for the spike, which has left many hard-working families struggling even harder to stay afloat, and said the working-class people in her district deserved to be treated better than that.

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