Biden Admits Threats In U.S. Has Increased

( – President Joe Biden recently stated during an interview that the Hamas attack on Israel sparked increased threats of terrorism in the United States. He made the statement in the aftermath of the deadly assault Islamic extremists recently conducted against their Jewish neighbors.

Biden attended a Zoom call on Friday, October 13, along with fourteen American families searching for loved ones in Israel. The president promised them that US officials wouldn’t sit idly by while its citizens suffered at the hands of terrorists. He reiterated his message to reporter Scott Pelley during an October 15 interview on “60 Minutes,” which the newscaster posted on YouTube. Biden insisted to viewers that the United States would do all it could to find the US hostages and get them safely to freedom.

The US president also admitted that domestic threats have increased due to the current conflicts in Israel. Biden said he’d just attended a meeting that morning with personnel from Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to discuss ways they might prevent future attacks on US soil. He didn’t offer further details, mentioning only that the fears of terrorist backlash against American Jews and synagogues were serious enough to merit preventative action.

Terror rocked Israeli citizens on October 7, when Palestinian terrorists under Hamas rule stormed out of Gaza and slaughtered over 1,000 civilians. Officials believe 29 Americans also died in the attacks. Another 15 remain missing, at least a few of whom may now be Hamas hostages. The destitute conditions residents of the roughly 25-by-5-mile-long strip had been forced into under Israeli restrictions had reportedly driven the Palestinians to violence.

Hamas’ excessive actions only threw its people out of the frying pan and into the fire. Israel immediately declared war on its attackers for their horrific acts, striking back with explosive fury and killing an estimated 2,000 Gaza citizens. It also cut off the region’s fuel, electricity, food, and most of its water supply. The Israeli government then ordered residents of the northern part of the strip — about 1 million people — to evacuate south.

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