Biden Ad Campaign Juxtaposes KKK Image With Trump

( – With the general election coming in fast and the primary candidates running for president all but set, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have their respective campaigns well underway. Following the US leader’s State of the Union address on March 7, Biden released a campaign ad that included images of the KKK in a short series of pictures that included Trump.

On March 8, Biden-Harris HQ announced the new ad on social media, which incorporated parts of Biden’s SOTU speech. The video started with the president talking about America’s history involving the “contest between competing forces in the battle for the soul of our nation.” During that particular line, the ad cycled through three pictures — one of the KKK marching while holding an America First banner, the second with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the third with Trump pointing into the crowd. The message Biden was trying to send about Trump was clear.

The next line talked about taking the US backward while flashing another picture of the former president, followed by more words from Biden about America and another image of Trump smiling next to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Other clips and images included in the ad were from the January 6 insurrection, showing the violence, a noose with the Capitol in the background, and Trump flags in the crowd. During that part of the ad, Biden spoke of “hate, anger, revenge, [and] retribution” before moving on to his vision of America. To date, it’s been viewed at least 2.7 million times.

According to Newsmax, the Biden campaign raised over $42 million in January alone, and his fiery SOTU speech only boosted his fundraising efforts. His campaign confirmed the president’s reelection team is set to spend $30 million on ads to keep the momentum going after his speech. In contrast, Reuters reported the Trump campaign raised $8.8 million in January, but spent more than $11 million, including $5 million on ads and mailings.

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