Arab Americans Urge Voters To Ditch Biden

( – President Joe Biden’s unwavering support for Israel could come back to bite him in November, with Arab American groups calling for voters to ditch the US leader. The ethnic group is responding to the US’ refusal to shift gears in aiding the Jewish nation despite much of the rest of the world agreeing that Israel has gone too far in its counterattacks against Gaza. Participants in the movement believe Biden’s exit from office is the only acceptable course of action.

Arab Americans across the country are joining the Abandon Biden movement, which began in October 2023 after Hamas attacked the Jewish state, prompting retaliation. The group is targeting battleground states, encouraging people who are sympathetic to the Palestinians’ plight to go to the ballot box but withhold their votes for the Democratic presidential primaries. They’re pushing for the movement in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Another group, Our Revolution, launched by Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, is asking Michigan voters to choose “uncommitted” in Biden’s place. The group wants to see an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where over 15,000 people have already been killed in retaliatory strikes, and they’re willing to use every possible tactic they can to shift the balance. Our Revolution believes Biden needs a serious “wake-up call” on his recent choices, and the only way to get his attention is to hit him where it counts — votes and funding. Sanders reportedly disagrees with the direction the group has taken, noting that he fully supports the president.

POLITICO states that the US has about 3.45 million Muslim Americans, adding that nearly 59% of the Arab American population supported Biden in 2020. Waning support for the current president could tip the scales in 2024, giving Trump the edge he needs to retake the White House.

Our Revolution insists it isn’t giving the 45th president its support, either, although it acknowledges that the group’s efforts could seriously damage Biden’s campaign. Members claim they’re still exploring their options for November.

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