Activist Cries Over Hunger Protest She Decided To Do

( – Students across the United States have been protesting at various universities over the war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. Most of the students are speaking out for the Palestinian civilians being killed or starving in the Gaza Strip. They want their respective universities to divest in Israel and stop supporting what they refer to as genocide. Some students at Princeton University went so far as to initiate a hunger strike.

On May 8, a pro-Palestinian protestor at the college said those who recently initiated the hunger strike were “starving” and “physically exhausted.” She also claimed they were all “immunocompromised” and that she was “quite literally shaking” as she was speaking through the megaphone.

The protestor asserted that the university was intentionally trying to weaken them, although they were the ones who chose to stop eating. Their hunger strike reportedly started on May 3.

The group on the Princeton grounds not only wanted the university to divest in Israel, but they also wanted the criminal charges dropped against those already arrested. The protestors don’t seem to have any intention of going home, claiming they didn’t care how weak they became, “united [they] have never been stronger.” As many as 15 people have been arrested at Princeton University over the last month — 2 students for erecting tents and 13 others for trespassing.

No schools have agreed to the divesting demands so far, but leaders at two universities — Brown University and Northwestern University — have agreed to allow students more input on their investments.

It’s unclear how long the protestors at Princeton plan to continue their hunger strike. Healthline estimates that humans can survive without food for between 8 and 21 days, but it varies. Some have survived up to 61 days. The university did not release a public statement about the situation, so it’s not clear yet where negotiations stand.

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