Abbott Says Texas Will Bus Another 70,000 Immigrants To Blue Cities

( – On October 18, The New York Times reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott had bussed more than 50,000 migrants to other destinations across the US to date. In April 2022, he sent the first ones to Washington, DC. At the time, Abbott accused the federal government of “turn[ing] a blind eye to the border crisis,” and shipping migrants was his answer to a growing problem. The New York Post updated that figure to 70,000, and now, he plans to transport even more.

On November 29, Abbott posted his plan on social media detailing where he intends to send migrants and how many he wants to ship to the listed destinations. The governor wants to transport over 12,500 people to DC alone. Then, he plans to ship an additional 25,000 to New York City, 20,000 to Chicago, 3,200 to Philadephia, 7,400 to Denver, and 1,100 to Los Angeles. Abbott said his mission is to provide “vital relief to border towns.” He will continue to bus immigrants to designated sanctuary cities “until [President Joe] Biden secures the border.”

According to the Daily Wire, many of the named cities are already bursting at the seams with migrants who arrived within the last year. During fiscal year 2023, Customs and Border Protection reported nearly 2.5 million encounters at the Southwest border. That number was slightly above the amount of migrants approaching the border during the previous year — 2.4 million. Encounters in September approached 270,000, and October’s numbers dropped over 10%. While Abbott is shipping migrants legally permitted in the United States, House Republicans recently claimed the Biden administration released at least 1.4 million illegal immigrants into the US during the 2023 fiscal year and as many as 29 million total currently live in America.

Texas is currently in the process of passing a bill that will “require criminal background checks,” “fingerprints and photographs” for any illegal border crossers. According to Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, SB 4 is the “strongest border security bill” ever passed in the state.

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