86% Say Biden Too Old for Second Term

(RepublicanReport.org) – On February 8, Attorney General Merrick Garland publicly released Special Counsel Robert Hur’s long-anticipated final report detailing his investigation into Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents. Hur declined to press charges, in part, due to his belief that the president would present himself as an old man with a bad memory to jurors, undermining prosecutors’ ability to show he willfully committed a crime. Sadly, a recent poll indicated Hur’s assessment could be correct.

On February 11, news organizations run by conservative and mainstream outlets reported that the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted after the release of Hur’s report found that 86% of Americans thought Biden was too old to serve another term. However, a quick review of that claim shows that although the survey’s results don’t paint a pretty picture of Biden’s chances of defeating former President Donald Trump, that claim is a bit misleading.

Ipsos’ probability-based Knowledge Panel asked survey participants if they thought “both” candidates, “only Biden,” “only Trump,” or “neither” were “too old” to serve a second term in the Oval Office. A whopping 59% said both men were too old. Twenty-seven percent (27%) responded that only Biden should be president again versus 3% who stated the same about Trump. Eleven percent (11%) said neither candidate was too old. Adding the responses from “both” and “only Biden” was an apparent error.

As one might expect, respondents political affiliation played a large part in the survey participants’ responses. A clear majority of independent voters and Democrats said both were too old to serve again as president — 70% and 69%, respectively.

The survey also found that Trump led Biden as the person participants trusted most to handle the economy, inflation, border security, and crime. Likewise, they expressed more confidence in Trump’s ability to do a better job of addressing the ongoing Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Hamas wars.

Survey participants were split within the poll’s 4.5% margin of error when asked if they supported the Justice Department’s decision not to charge Biden with a crime over his mishandling of classified documents. Thirty-eight percent (38%) said the DOJ should have charged him and 34% agreed with Hur’s declination decision.

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